About Salvia

Salvia Divinorum is a plant with powerful healing properties. Originating from the Sierra Mazateca mountain range in Mexico, the leaves of Salvia are used ceremonially by indigenous shamans for treating illness, depression, and addiction.

Compared to other shamanic plant medicines, most people do not understand how to use Salvia correctly and end up finding it's effects unpleasant and bizarre. Salvia must be used with intention, respect, temperance, and intelligence.

When used correctly, Salvia experiences are extremely therapeutic, both physically and psychologically.

Guided Salvia Sessions

A guided session with me is a gradual and mindful introduction to the Salvia experience. The initial sessions are gentle and exploratory, allowing you to slowly deepen into the relationship with this plant.

Salvia journeys are progressive. To begin, we establish a familiarity with your history and intentions for yourself. We then enter a place of mindfulness, a calm and alert state of awareness, to establish a blank slate for the effects of Salvia to be fully noticed. We will pay attention to the way Salvia uniquely interacts with you, charting the landscape of your experience in mind and body.

During the first session, you will become acquainted with the subtle energetic shifts that arise progressively. Clients begin by smoking the plain dried leaf and work up to use the more concentrated smoked-Salvia extract. Each dosage level brings on specific effects. By beginning with a dose that is barely noticeable, we somatically prime the body for higher dosages. From there, we increase the dosage incrementally, while remaining in a state of mindfulness to track how the experience unfolds. Throughout each session, I incorporate the skills I've learned in somatic psychotherapy to guide the practitioner. Together, we use mindfulness meditation techniques to be open to the experience as it unfolds and to stay present to the feelings in your body.

Our goal is to help you develop a toolbox for working with this plant. Some of these tools include body scanning, creative visualization, intentional contemplation, and self-guided energy clearing and re-balancing. We work to find your individual road map for navigating the alternate reality experienced on Salvia. Our purpose if to determine how the lessons you learn with Salvia can be pragmatically incorporated into your life for the purposes of healing, introspection, and self-improvement. The Salvia experience is unique to each person. My role is to help you interpret and integrate the organic renewal that unfolds with the proper use of the plant.

About Christopher

Christopher Solomon has been cultivating a relationship with Salvia Divinorum for over a decade. After an unexpectedly profound and healing Salvia experience, Christopher discovered the multi-faceted and misunderstood character of this Master Plant.

Incorporating lessons learned directly from Salvia and as a student of somatic psychotherapy, Christopher is pioneering techniques to use Salvia as a therapeutic tool for guided self-healing, meditation, and introspection. Christopher lectures about the proper, intentional, and therapeutic use of Salvia, offering a blend of scientific, esoteric, and therapeutic perspectives. He also cultivates a medicinal Salvia garden for use in his therapeutic practice with clients.

Christopher was a recent participant in the Johns Hopkins University study about the effects of salvinorin A on human brain activity and connectivity using fMRI methods. He has lectured with a variety of organizations in the Bay Area, including ERIE (Entheogenic Research, Integration, and Education). He received his Holistic Health Coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and currently studies somatic psychotherapy at the Hakomi Institute in Berkeley, California.

Contact Christopher

Contact me at: Christopher@SalviaHealings.com