"My work with Christopher, and the broader personal work that grew from our time together, has been the most positive force in my healing journey. He created a collaborative and nurturing environment that has informed my growth, both personal and professional, in ways that I will continue to benefit from for the rest of my life. He is extremely knowledgeable, supportive, and genuinely caring, and his grounded approach to the psychedelic world is a breath of fresh air. I wholeheartedly endorse him to anyone looking for a doorway into their deeper somatic experience."

- Jack from Oregon

"I was highly motivated to work online with Christopher after hearing some of his talks and interviews. His many years of cultivating a relationship with this teacher plant emanate through his knowledge, integrity, patience, and obvious passion to educate people on how to work with Salvia. I felt very safe and supported working with Christopher and was grateful for his online platform because it made the sessions possible. Christopher is an excellent guide and teacher. I feel lucky to have discovered him."

- Julie from Vermont

“Christopher’s innovative approach of gradually experiencing the healing potential of Salvia Divinorum as well as his caring, somatic-based guidance has helped me tremendously in exploring my body-mind complex. Having done several sessions over the last years, I look forward to continue this practice with Christopher and can only recommend him wholeheartedly.”

- Philip from Germany

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"I first heard Christopher speak about responsible use of Salvia on a podcast. He explained how Salvia can be used therapeutically to care for the body. I contacted him for a consultation. I received a special pipe designed to administer several small doses of Salvia. Over zoom I was coached through using the pipe and the session began very gently. This was a great introduction to an often demonized plant. The first dose was barely noticeable and Christopher insightfully directed my attention to the subtleties of how salvia works. With each administration the effects became more obvious. There was time for me to sit quietly and a time for me to describe what I experienced. Christopher had a very non-directive strategy yet was able to help me unpack each unique experience with skilfully placed questions that brought clarity to the chaos. It became clear that Christopher is skilled at supporting non-ordinary experience without dominating or directing the person's experience. I like the zoom format because it is a natural boundary between the sitter and the traveler. This is a great safeguard when working with a sitter for the first time. Salvia has become an important part of my meditation practice and body movement practice. Salvia is invaluable. The approach taken by Christopher Solomon is essential to repair Salvia's damaged reputation "

- Zach from Austin

“My salvia sessions with Christopher were exactly what I needed and more. Christopher and Salvia have a deep connection and together they hold space for you. I felt safe, secure, and held even over zoom. It was a very gentle and therapeutic experience and highly recommended a session with Christopher Solomon!”

- Shannon from Boston

"Our online session about Salvia has been extremely valuable for me. The way you explained the mindful use of Salvia Divinorum helped me to meet this powerful, healing, mind-blowing plant with respect and reverence. Your instructions have allowed me to approach this divine domain with the right dosage and timing and to prevent unnecessary stress. The power of Salvia Divinorum lies not only in the immediate experiences of entering another dimension but also in the expansion of one's worldview. Your gentle and profound initiation into the domain of the Salvia Goddess, based on your profound experiences, was essential for me. I regard you as one of the best ambassadors of the Salvia domain. I recommend your services to anybody who wants to get to know and enter this extraordinary dimension. "

- Ralph from Switzerland

“I went to visit Christopher Solomon because I have a long-standing interest in Salvia and was hoping to be able to delve further into its mysteries, but, while I find small to moderate doses very pleasant and uplifting, my occasional experiences with higher doses over the years had generally been fairly terrifying, even more so than with other visionary substances. I was hoping that a guided experience with a trusted, experienced guide might permit me to go deeper with less trepidation, to once again see the green lizards that seem for me to be a signature of the substance, but without the accompanying fear.

A friend of mine had shared some of Christophers online interviews with me, and I had been impressed by his eloquence about and passion for the subject, as well as his, surprising given his relative youth, depth of knowledge, and there is almost no one else I know of in the U.S. currently so singularly focused on the therapeutic use of this fascinating plant. Right away, upon disembarking from my rental car, I got a very positive vibe. Christopher, who exuded relaxed solidity and unpretentious authenticity, showed me his abundant and thriving Salvia plants and shared with me, when I inquired, some of the back-story of his first encounters with Salvia and the birth of his calling to work with it. I’m fairly allergic to overly utopian, romanticized mythologizing in the psychedelic scene, but I felt from him complete sincerity and a genuine, deep commitment to his path, and I’m advanced in years and been around and have developed a fairly reliable intuitive capacity.

As to the experience itself, I felt Christopher was an excellent guide, and I’m very glad I came to visit him, as it was absolutely worthwhile and interesting. I feel totally comfortable recommending him as a gifted, talented practitioner, knowledgeable specialist and trustworthy guide for those interested in exploring this unique, undeservedly less heralded sacred plant. ”

- JP from NY

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